dinos, doilies, paper bags & succulents!

An odd assortment of materials...likely my strangest combination since wine, twine and paper! 

First off, DINOS! I saw a version of a plastic dinosaur planter on Pinterest and had to give it a go! Plus I've been craving to have some succulents on my desk so it was a lovely, fun and easy combination.

On to doilies! I've had a little leather purse lying around for quite some time, and it need a little improvement. After a quick trip to the thrift shop, and a LOT of Modge Podge, I have this cute doily purse!

Paper bags and succulents...I recently started working with a non-profit called Arts Outreach, where artists are contracted out to local elementary schools to teach art lessons! I'm teaching a collage class and trying to focus on repurposing materials with the kiddos. After preparing for the first lesson, I was left with tons of paper bag scraps and handles. After a little inspiration from Design Sponge and some weaving, my birthday succulent plants found a new home.


IF: Twirl!

Okay! Getting to work, and playing around with my new little character, Lumen!
This little one is also for Illustration Friday's theme of the week: twirl!

Contemplating putting this piece for sale on my Etsy as well so keep an eye out for this little love!


The Adventures of Ross & Lola

New blog look! It was time for a change...I'm test driving this new look for the time being and so far I love it!

I've been working on a new book, involving my little lovely round owl, who is now named Lumen! She will be joined by some friends as well...this book will be made specifically for turning into a real book using Blurb so hopefully I can get that written/illustrated/printed & up on Etsy really soon!

In the mean time, it's high time I uploaded my latest commission book. This book was written for one of my friends from Italy, about her two children Ross and Lola, and their lives living between Italy and the United States.

It was another really fun book to write and illustrate, especially since I know a lot of their family and have spent a lot of time with these kiddos. Unfortunately, I was unable to get to a scanner before I took off so some of the photos are a little crummy...

Vabbè! Here are the Adventures of Ross & Lola!


There once was two children
named Ross and Lola
who split their home
between the US and Italia.

School years in the states,
full of Texas sun and thrills.
Then off to Castiglion Fiorentino,
tucked into the Tuscan hills.

Between Italian and English,
they made friends far and wide.
In vineyards and bluebonnet fields,
under enormous star filled skies.

As they grew older,
the need to travel stayed strong.
Off they'd jet together,
into the wild unknown.

Lola, the sweet little girl,
with personality like no other,
would charge into the wilderness
carefully watched by big brother.

Ross was their brave leader,
across all continents he'd lead.
From Asia to Europe, Africa and beyond,
the Versari siblings, wild and free!

But the duo would always come home
to be with their mama and babbo.
Bacini for all, buona notte a tutti,
until the next adventure tomorrow.


24 in 2012

Oh mama mia! 2011 was a blur! And with it being gone, changes need to start...yesterday!I've always had trouble with resolutions, so this year I've decided to wait until my birthday later this month to start my alternative...

Instead of resolutions I'm going to make a list of goals instead, 24 to be exact. 24 goals that I would like to accomplish before my next birthday (the big 25, eek!). I was inspired by Elsie's post over at her blog, A Beautiful Mess. Hopefully I'll have as much luck as she did with her goals this past year.

My plans have recently changed, resulting in me staying state side for a while so I hope this list of goals will keep me from going into a funk and finally make me get my act together for the first time since the adrenaline of school burned out. Andiamo!

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