25 before 26 update

One thing I know I need to get back in gear on more is my 25 before 26 list. I know it has only been about 3 months since I started on this list, but I feel like I was farther along at this point with my list last year. I'm not sure why it is but I'm less focused on knocking out all of them out this year but hopefully this post will be a nice little boost to get me back in gear. 

Albeit some of them are a bit ambitious compared to my list last year.  Even though I haven't made much progress yet, I am able to check off a couple new ones from the list, and change a couple as well. Plus I still have 9 months to hopefully finish all of them...gulp...

25 before 26:
1. Travel somewhere new...hopefully remedying this one very soon!
2. Publish a book by myself or with a Publisher
3. Write 3 new children's books
4. Make better photos for Etsy/blog/website  still a work in progress tho
5. Promote Etsy shops more last month I experimented with sponsoring blogs, and loved it! I'm shopping around at the moment  for some new blogs for this summer. 
6. Finish one of my Grandma's quilts
7. Really downsize
8. Redesign/update business cards/shops/website 
9. Expand Etsy items both 8/9 have been taken care of...
10. Submit illustrations to magazines/sites...nothing has come from that yet unfortunately...
11. Learn to play guitar chords...my little sister is learning to play guitar at the moment so I may ask her to help me!
12. Hand-print a small edition...although this one hasn't been accomplished yet, I have been handprinting so I may revise this goal...
13. Get products in another store...I'm hoping to network a bit at the Art Market in Santa Barbara next month.
14. Find a new hobby I'm a little embarassed to admit it, but I joined a bocce team here in the valley. Yes, it sounds like a joke (which it is) but it is always a very fun and entertaining evening when we play! Plus, our team name: Sonofa Bocce. Win. 
15. Embrace change better
16. Shop wiser/invest in better quality clothes I have shopped so little these past few months! And when I have, I'm happy to say they have been smarter purchases!
17. Print digital photos
18. Make more artist's/blank books did you see my lovelies in that top photo?! I plan on making more too!
19. Turn Terzo into prints
20. Read 10 new books... a work in progress....
21. Blog more DIYs
22. Visit a craft show...I'll be participating in one next month! I think this goal can be revised! 
23. Keep in touch better
24. Procrastinate on lessons less...always a work in progress, but I have my workshops this summer to fully implement this one! 
25. Bind/fill another giant sketchbook


  1. good luck completing your list! looks exciting :))

    1. Thank you! I'm going to need as much luck as I can get :)


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